7 Fun Ideas For What To Do In Retirement

You’ve worked hard all your life, and now it’s time to enjoy retirement. But for those who’ve spent decades getting up and going to work at least five days a week, retirement could be a little too relaxing. When you run out of home projects to do and odd jobs to complete, here are seven fun ideas for what to do in retirement that will help keep you active, engaged, and feeling young.

1. Do Volunteer Work

Many retirees do volunteer work because it’s extremely rewarding. Organizations large and small are always in need of good people to help out. Consider your talents and interests, and then reach out to relevant groups who could use your experience and abilities. Volunteering helps the organizations that need assistance and the volunteers who want to give back to society.

2. Learn a New Sport

Many people didn’t have the time or energy to play or try a new sport while they were focusing on their career. But retirees have plenty of both. And most who start new sports later in life get great enjoyment from these new activities, as well as the added benefit of keeping your body fit. There are almost too many sports to choose from: golf, tennis, fishing, boating, cycling, water aerobics, walking, bowling, plus a whole lot more.

3. Start a Hobby

Hobbies are great activities to help keep the mind sharp. And when we’re doing something fun, the time seems to fly by. Consider hobbies like painting, writing, model-building, train sets, knitting, gardening, quilting, bridge, poker, mah-jongg, woodworking, crossword puzzles/Sudoku, or learning a musical instrument. But don’t limit yourself. Anything you enjoy and do with others can be a worthwhile hobby.


4. Travel

If you didn’t get the chance to visit the Grand Canyon or walk down Broadway in New York when you were working, now’s your chance to go to all those places you dreamed about. Some people live to travel and plan and save for many big trips each year. With online options like Airbnb and Homestay, it’s more economical than ever to travel. You can even get an RV and take a trip to visit friends, family, and sites around the country.


5. Go to Camp

When we were kids, camp was so much fun. But now there are camps for grown-ups for just about every kind of activity you can imagine: golf, science, singing, outdoors, food and wine, cooking, music, art, writing, adventure, and even racing cars. Camp is a fun way to immerse yourself in a favorite or new interest and share the experience with others. AARP also has more great adult camping ideas.


6. Meet New Friends of All Ages

Younger and older folks have different experiences and viewpoints, which is why it’s so important to surround yourself with friends of all different ages and backgrounds. Seniors stay energetic and up-to-date with current trends and ideas when they hang around with younger friends. When you regularly get out and talk with different, younger people, it will keep you young too.


7. Start a Business

Now that you don’t need to work to survive, starting a business can be a fun adventure. There are many ideas for businesses where you can do what you love. Pets need to be taken care of. Travelers need help with their empty houses. People need things repaired around the house. Or if you want to be an entrepreneur, Loyalty Brands has many low-cost, exciting business options.

As you can see, retirement doesn’t have to mean sitting on the front porch and rocking your life away. When you’re deciding what to do in retirement, there are more interesting possibilities than ever before. Have fun and keep moving!

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