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John T. Hewitt
CEO of Loyalty Brands

How We Work

Loyalty Brands has used our experience in franchising to develop a faster road to growth and success; one that has been proven again and again over time. Successful franchise organizations grow by either creating new businesses or acquiring existing companies to expand. We’re taking it to the next level by doing both.

We’ve identified and teamed up with reputable existing business partners in each of our business franchise sectors to create strong business models based on the uniquely qualified skills and experience of our partners.

How we work - Loyalty Brands - business franchise


Identify sectors with most opportunity for growth and transformation


Evaluate consumer needs, competitive landscape, and growth strategies


Create a business model that delivers consumer value and owner profitability


Target selected markets that are prime for growth and expansion

How we're different - Loyalty Brands - business franchise

How We’re Different

Serving our communities first is the heart and soul of Loyalty Brands. Every decision we make, every goal we set, and every person we bring into the system are judged by how they can help our communities.

Our ability to create relationships within the communities we serve works for the good of everyone we come into contact with. To put it another way, the center of any community can benefit from all our business franchise services.


We’re Ready for a Challenging Partnership

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