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Top 10 Rules (and Bonuses) for Business Success

Dive into the wealth of knowledge shared by business guru John Hewitt in this captivating webinar. Discover how he tackled questions on small business forecasts and its growth within the Hispanic market. Explore John’s top 12 success factors, gleaned from his vast experience, and unlock the secrets to entrepreneurial excellence. Catch up on this insightful session and empower your business journey with invaluable advice from a seasoned expert!

John T. Hewitt, CEO of Loyalty Brands, Discusses His Entrepreneurial Journey and Servant Leadership

John T. Hewitt, the founder of Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax, joins Chris Voss on The Chris Voss Show to discuss his new company, Loyalty Brands. Loyalty Brands is a conglomerate of different franchisors that offer franchise opportunities in various industries, including tax preparation, insurance, business brokerage, staffing services, and more. John shares his insights on entrepreneurship, leadership, and the importance of setting audacious goals. He emphasizes the value of servant leadership and the need to delegate and allow employees to make mistakes and learn from them. John also highlights the benefits of franchising and the role of systems in achieving exponential growth.

Don't Be Afraid Of Big Hairy Audacious Goals: John Hewitt

John tells Jim about his “not so normal” personality and how he can’t relate to people who aren’t willing to take risks and go for big hairy audacious goals! John thinks of it like this, “Not everyone that sets high goals is a high achiever but no one that sets low goals is a high achiever”. A statement everyone will agree with but only a few have the determination to follow through. The conversation between Jim and John covers everything from sports to business strategies to faith. How often do you get the opportunity to hear a one-on-one conversation with a business leader who has built not one… but two nationally branded companies and sold them for hundreds of millions of dollars? Don’t miss out on this entertaining, educational free resource.

How John Hewitt Founded Two 9 Figure Public Companies

Join Adam Ferracane, founder of “Refresh” and host of “Distilled Wisdom,” as he explores the entrepreneurial journey of John T. Hewitt. From his early days at H&R Block to founding industry giants like Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service, John’s story is a masterclass in innovation and resilience. In this episode, discover how John revolutionized tax preparation with his decision-tree software, and learn about his latest venture, Loyalty Brands. Adam and John discuss the challenges and triumphs of building a business empire, offering invaluable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. This is more than a conversation about taxes; it’s about the strategic vision and determination needed to succeed in business.

The Long and Winding Road to Success with John Hewitt | The BizMafia Podcast

Have you ever dreamed of becoming your own boss, charting your course in the business world, and reaping the rewards of your hard work? What if I told you there was a way to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure with a roadmap already in hand, a proven formula for success, and a network of support at your disposal? John Hewitt, founder of Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service, shares his entrepreneurial journey and insights into franchising. John discusses the importance of listening to franchisees and customers, the challenges of dealing with investors, and the role of loyalty and culture in business success. He also talks about his latest venture, Loyalty Brands, which operates in multiple industries and emphasizes brand loyalty. We also highlight John’s commitment to his franchisees and customers and the importance of having an ownership mentality in business.

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