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Business Mastery with John Hewitt Webinar

Unlock the secrets to business mastery in our exclusive webinar, “Business Mastery with John Hewitt.” Join us for a live stream with renowned entrepreneur and business expert, John Hewitt, where you’ll have the chance to engage in a dynamic Q&A session. Gain invaluable insights and strategies from John’s wealth of experience as he delves into the keys to entrepreneurial success, effective business management, and mastering the competitive business landscape. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn directly from an industry leader. Register now to elevate your business game and redefine your approach to success!


Top 10 Rules (and Bonuses) for Business Success

Dive into the wealth of knowledge shared by business guru John Hewitt in this captivating webinar. Discover how he tackled questions on small business forecasts and its growth within the Hispanic market. Explore John’s top 12 success factors, gleaned from his vast experience, and unlock the secrets to entrepreneurial excellence. Catch up on this insightful session and empower your business journey with invaluable advice from a seasoned expert!

Building Your Empire with
John Hewitt

This is iCompete – Building Your Empire with John Hewitt. John Hewitt is the “Hewitt” in “Jackson Hewitt Tax Service,” after which he founded “Liberty Tax Service” with over 6000 offices. John sold his interest in Liberty for nearly 500 million dollars. Now John, his partners, and his friends are helping Christian Entrepreneurs discover how to become CEOs – “Building Their Empires” for the Kingdom. Additionally, John has had the privilege of earning the following honors:

  • IFA Entrepreneur of the YEAR
  • Brought in over 5,000 franchisees.
  • Founded two of the top 100 Franchise chains.
  • Took two companies public.
  • Jackson Hewitt Became a Billion dollar company.
  • Liberty Tax grew to over 6000 locations.
  • Named 12 straight years as one of the most influential people in accounting.

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