March 22, 2019 / 3 years

After Exit, Liberty Tax Founder Plans Launch

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Loyalty Brands announced today the addition of a sister company Loyalty Networking with premier events in Toronto, Canada and Las Vegas, NV, and another launch event scheduled for Thursday March 14th in Virginia Beach where the company is headquartered.

The event will be at Sweetwater Cuisine from 6-8PM and is open to the public. Loyalty Brands is the third brainchild of John Hewitt, who previously founded Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Services. Loyalty Brands is an umbrella company of franchisors focused on small business services. Hewitt builds upon his 50 years in the franchise tax business by adding broker, barter, accounting, Hispanic tax services, and professional networking industries to his portfolio of companies. “The synergy that exists with the businesses that make up Loyalty Brands is what’s most exciting to me,” said John Hewitt. “I foresee enormous growth opportunity building these companies collaboratively and simultaneously, giving more opportunities to interested franchise owners and entrepreneurs.” The Loyalty Networking objective is to cultivate extraordinary business leaders and incentivize them to recruit exceptional members by offering a network marketing business model that’s never been offered in this industry before. President of U.S. operations Maya Holihan adds, “After months of research on the professional networking market we noticed that chapter leaders do a lot of the heavy lifting to make an organization successful, yet they’re role is purely volunteer without opportunity to make money.” The multi-level-marketing model makes it easy to earn money and erases the barriers, confusion, and stigmatized pyramid model that other network marketing companies offer. The generation compensation structure can earn a chapter leader up to a high six-figure income. “We believe that if chapter leaders have some skin in the game they will work hard to establish chapters with members who will bring value and dedication to their chapter and the overarching Loyalty Networking community,” said Steve Sardo, Co-President. “We are coming at this with a fresh perspective. We have a driven experienced team of proven business leaders and entrepreneurs. We are placing the customer first and we will exceed their expectations.” In the current professional networking landscape there’s one major player, BNI (Business Network International), with hundreds of thousands of members across the globe. While there are many other networking groups that exist, none have the market saturation like BNI does. “I remember when I first started in the retail tax business, H&R block had 9,000 locations and the number two competitor had about 200 locations,” said Hewitt. “With Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax I was able to add a close number two and three. The disparity in the networking space reminds me of what the retail tax space looked like years ago. This is an opportunity for us to change the game.

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